MontAmis – A breath of fresh air in Monta

Note: Apart from this page, our content is French and German. If you feel like translating more, don’t hesitate to contact us:

MontAmis is an international association of users of the CHM Vendays-Montalivet.

We represent our members vis-à-vis the CHM and other institutions in active cooperation. Transparency, mutual respect, and continuous information are our core values.


Our user agreement with the CHM stipulates that associations have a say in decisions about the design of the site. We breathe new life into this dialogue and make it democratic and comprehensible. We work constructively with the administration, the municipality, and other organisations, but we also do not shy away from controversy. We work to replace rumours with solid information and to give users a clear, long-term perspective, especially tenants of annual pitches and owners of mobile homes and bungalows.

This site summarises current information and discussions. Our site is currently bilingual French and German, English may follow as needed. (But then, reading French maybe also a little incentive to learn a few words of the local language…)


We stand for respect for nature, striving for an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable management of the site, and for harmonious and nature-oriented coexistence at CHM in mutual respect and in the spirit of naturism.

Our goals

  • Continuous and constructive dialogue with the management of the CHM as well as the administration (SOCNAT) and its majority owner.
  • Transparency of existing regulations and cooperation in their further development.
  • Extension of the Monta season through appropriate measures.
  • Supporting initiatives that promote our goals and coexistence – be it in the field of sport, culture, association work or art.
  • Exchange between users and the promotion of joint activities, regardless of language and origin.
  • Adherence to the rules in force for all participants – including the management.
  • Constructive cooperation with the community of Vendays-Montalivet.

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MontAmis – before nature, we are all equal!
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